Welcome to Echt. I make genuine sourdough bread to order. At the moment baking day is every Wednesday.


Choose from the following 750g loaves:

 CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE. 100% Rye loaf with sunflower seeds. Fennel/ caraway seeds are optional. (40% home-milled wholemeal rye and 60% local light rye flour)



Classic light rye/Potato ‘Mischbrot’ with 70% wholemeal/light rye and 30% white flour.


Sprouted Grain-Seeded loaf. This loaf is made with sprouted rye and fermented barley/wheat. It contains 45% whole grains, flax/sesame and sunflower seeds as well as  55% wholemeal rye, light rye and white flour. (9$)

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Sprouted Grain-Fruit loaf with 45% sprouted rye, fermented barley/wheat and linseed as well as 55% wholemeal rye, light rye and white flour. This loaf has a lovely texture with burst of sweetness from added apricots, sultanas and currants. ($9)



Currently not available
‘Vollkorn’ loaf with 100% organic home-milled rye and wheat flour, a little apple and sesame/linseeds. I also add a pinch of fennel, coriander and caraway seeds, they can be omitted on request. 
This is my favourite loaf as it combines a rich flavour from the whole grain with some sweetness from the apple. Due to the wholegrain/rye used it is lovely and moist and keeps a long time.
The cost of this loaf is $9. Please note seeds are not organic.



Country Loaf, with a varying blend of white and wholemeal flours of Otane wheat, Rye and Barley.



Loaves are $8 unless otherwise stated. You can pick them up between 3-7pm on Wednesdays, at 9 Chaucer Street.

Please note that I have limited capacity. So let me know your order as soon as you can. To place an order e-mail me on echt@outlook.co.nz or phone/txt me on 021 2018 418

I accept cash payments on the day or bank deposits to Echt.Genuine Sourdough Bread, Kiwibank 38-9019-0118536-00

Thank you and I am looking forward to meeting you.